Land and Places Today

Land & Places Today

Today, the land surrounding the Hanging Flume is much different. Highways 141, 145 and 62 now supply an easy route between Grand Junction and Telluride. The many small, mining towns, including Uravan, are long gone and only the memories of those who lived there remain today.

Today, towns like Nucla and Naturita still have a strong mining economy as they did throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries. They are working hard to incorporate a strong tourism-based economy to alleviate their communities from the historical boom and bust cycle of mining.

Telluride, a once bustling mining town, is now heavily tourism based but they too have taken measures to honor, interpret and cherish their historical past.

The Flume itself is fading with time. The remnants that were left by the salvagers are in dire straights. As rock slides and boulders knock pieces of the Flume into the river below, now is the time to preserve the history of the Hanging Flume and the men who built their lives around it.