Press Releases

Press Releases

Denver Post Story on the Flume

Hanging Flume Update

Since Vertical Access’s involvement with the Hanging Flume Project in April of 2004, the 120 year old structure has had much exposure in the historic preservation community both at home, in Colorado, and abroad. Ron Anthony of Anthony & Associates gave a talk to the Denver Mining Club in late January. Ron and Kent Diebolt of Vertical Access co-authored and presented at The Colorado Preservation Inc. (CPI) in early February. Justin Spivey of Robert Silman Associates, P.C., gave a talk at the International Conference on Conservation of Historic Wooden Structures in Florence, Italy, entitled “Investigation of the Construction of a 19th Century Wooden Flume Suspended on a Cliff.” Jack Pfertsh of Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc. gave a paper on the archaeology of the flume at The Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists (CCPA) in March.

Separate from the structural engineering condition survey of the flume was a cultural resource survey, including four oral interviews, which has been recorded and transcribed, and the archaeological findings and GIS mapping of the flume by The Alpine Archaeology Co.

Project manager Ron Anthony, who supplied the information for this update, continues to be active in supplying the State Historical Fund with progress reports on behalf of The Western Colorado Interpretive Association. Ultimately, they will receive from him a condition report which will include a plan for the mitigation of future deterioration of the flume, as well as a compendium of all the research that was done by the various participants in the project. Facilitated by the data collected during this project, Cultural Resource Planning will then complete their “master plan” for the flume.

The Hanging Flume was nominated for The World Monuments Fund Watch List of 100 most endangered sites. The outcome of this nomination is still pending. If the nomination is accepted, the hanging flume may be eligible for funding for preservation and community education.