Protect Endangered Sites

Protect Endangered Sites

The easiest way to help protect the places that you love is to support the organizations that specialize in preservation and can maximize your contribution dollars, whether it be a donation or membership.

Another way that you can protect the places that are dear to you is to frequent them often. Places that have frequent visitors are less likely to suffer from vandalism. Also if you bring new people to these sites, you are educating them on why it is special and that in turn creates more advocates for keeping the place safe and in good condition.

If you know of a place that is currently not undergoing protection or restoration, you can organize a group to save the historic or cultural treasure in your community and contact your state and/or local historical society to get the historic preservation process started. You can also learn more about the qualifications for preservation here.

You can also contact your state and/or local historical society, historic preservation organization, library or museum to find out about preservation projects in your area and get involved.

Hold a fundraising event to support the restoration or conservation of a local treasure.

Volunteer to help with a preservation project.

Involve your school or youth organization in a project to save a community or national treasure.

Take your family to a local historic site or collection to learn about our past and inquire how you can help ensure its survival for the future.